Annmarie Gianni Skin Care - Herbal Facial Oil for Oily Skin

Annmarie Gianni

        1. A well appreciated product although on the expensive side. This delicate herbal blend is a light moisturizer with a fast-absorbing grapeseed oil base. The slightly astringent oil helps unclog pores and balances natural oils.
        2. Directions: Apply to clean skin. Dab a bit on nose, chin, cheeks and forehead and blend well.
        3. The pump bottle is nice.
        4. Get a sample kit ($10 + Free shipping)
        1. Scent – even though this product uses harmless ingredients, some have reviewed loving the smell intensely. Others have found the scent of this facial oil to be a bit strong. The scent seems a very personal choice.
        2. Allergy alert -
        3. Blog review of the product
        1. EWG Skindeep (Ingredient toxicity, on 1-10 scale. Lower is better) – 1
        2. Comedogenic Ratings (acne causing, Lower is better) - TBD
        3. Customer reviews (Amazon, Fakespot verified reviews: ‘A’) 4.7/5 (92% rated 5 stars out of 1800 reviews)
        4. ">Product review on YouTube (along with Annmarie makeup).
          1. Using grapefruit oil and other plant based preservatives that meet global regulations. Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, which naturally exfoliates, hydrates, and balances your skin. The food-grade, plant and mineral-based ingredients.


        1. Herb infused oil (*grapeseed oil, *white willow bark, *barberry bark,*basil leaf, *echinacea purpurea, *goji berry, *hibiscus flower, *licorice root, *meadowsweet, *milk thistle seed, *neem leaves, *bitter orange peel, *rosemary leaves, *green tea)
        2. *fractionated coconut oil
        3. *hazelnut oil
        4. *passion fruit seed oil
        5. *black cumin seed oil
        6. sandalwood oil
        7. clementine oil
        8. non-GMO vitamin E tocopherols
        9. *carrot seed oil
        10. *buriti fruit oil
        11. red raspberry seed oil
        12. rosehip extract
        13. carrot extract
        14. cranberry seed oil
        15. rosehip seed extract
        16. *rosemary extract
        17. *Organic or wildcrafted


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