Bare Soaps - Starry Night Soap (4oz bar)

Bare Soaps

      1. Best for oily, or problematic skin (acne prone).
      2. The dominant ingredient is activated charcoal, which has been used medicinally for millennia. Each bar is handmade in small batches using the traditional cold process soap making method.
      3. BENEFITS: The soap offers multiple benefits. It helps easily remove makeup, clean dirty hands and reduce blackheads. Most importantly it can be of help in calming acne.
      1. Eucalyptus oil can be an irritant for sensitive skin.
      2. Sodium Hydroxide Ph levels, needed to make soap, are per the EU permitted limits, considered safe.
      1. Comedogenic (ingredient ratings for acne): Low - Medium
      2. Customer Rating (Bare Soaps site): 5 stars
      3. Socially Conscious: Reinvest proceeds in pre-selected African and Indian communities Environmentally friendly: Packaging is Plantable.
      1. Rainforest alliance certified palm oil, organic oils, Distilled Water, Sodium Hydroxide*, Shea Butter, Activated Charcoal, Eucalyptus Essential Oil, Sea Salt
      2. *None remains after saponifying oils into soap and glycerin
    • * This product description contains general information about medical conditions and treatments. The information is not advice, and should not be treated as such. It is provided to you as available information about this product. You must not rely on the information on this website as an alternative to medical advice from your doctor or other professional healthcare provider.




Collections: Breakout Prone

Category: Oily Skin

Type: Soap

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