ESPINACHE - (SPIN)Fuse Spinach+Coconut Oil (8 oz)


            1. For Women and Men
            2. Ideal for very dry, dry, normal, and some combination skin types. As well as for dry, frizzy hair.
            3. This product is very versatile. Just like regular coconut oil it has an amazing number of uses for both skin and hair. But with the added spinach seed oil, it is more nutrient rich. We tried it on for both skin and hair with great results.
            4. makeup remover (amazingly gentle and works while hydrating skin).
            5. hair mask (apply couple of hours before taking a shower).
            6. intensive under eye cream (apply before going to bed).
            7. body moisturizer (especially if out in the sun or air conditioning which dries the skin).
            8. intensive care for stretch marks.
            9. cleansing oil (for face and body) .
              1. Skin Benefits
              2. Vitamins E and Lauric Acid from virgin coconut oil strengthen and protect while promoting the body’s production of collagen.
              3. Improves elasticity.
              4. Magnesium and zinc found naturally in spinach help combat early signs of aging.
              5. Provides a natural protective barrier for skin for daytime use.
              6. Promotes the appearance of youthful skin and helps soothe inflammation.

              1. Hair Care
              2. Conditions (especially if you do a lot of - blow drying, outdoor activities, coloring your hair, using hair products including shampoos, conditioners with harsh chemicals.
              3. Detangles.
              4. Provides a natural protective barrier for hair for daytime use if out in the hot sun a lot.

            1. Sensitive skin:
            2. "My skin reacts very negatively to artificial colors, fragrances, and certain essential oils. So I always stick with fragrance-free products to be safe. The green tint of this product made me a bit weary at first, but I was told it was because of the natural color of spinach seed oil, not artificial additives, so I decided to give it a try and was pleasantly surprised! The consistency is very smooth and buttery like regular coconut oil but is slightly softer at room temperature than regular coconut oil. I use this daily as an after-shower body butter and my skin stays soft and unirritated all day!" -Shayna M.

          1. Hair Mask (Frizz):
          2. "I absolutely love (SPIN) Fuse Coconut Oil. Not only does it smell amazing, but it actually works! I use it as a body moisturizer as well as a hair mask and it has done wonders.  It definitely has helped my hair become NOT so frizzy. It's finally soft and smooth. I have to say, I am very impressed with Espinache's products!!! " -Tabitha D.
          1. Social Responsibility
          2. Animal Cruelty Free
          3. 100% Vegan
          4. Locally sourced organic spinach seed: from NJ, The Garden State.
          1. Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil
          2. Virgin Spinach Seed Oil


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