The mission is to help with personal care driven wellness from regular use of non toxic products.

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    Our Founder

    Swarna has been a management consultant and corporate executive for over 16 years, most recently at some of the world's largest consumer product companies. While working on her previous business, she had become aware of research studies linking toxic exposures to the alarming growth of health conditions in the US as well as environmental hazards. After undergoing a couple of health treatments she became aware of her own sensitivity to toxic exposures around her. 

    She knew there were many others with vulnerable needs, looking to use wellness oriented personal care and avoid any known harmful exposures. She also couldn't help noticing the significant confusion and misinformation in this space. So Swarna started reaching out to traditional experts to get advice for her own needs (dermatologists, asthma & allergy specialists, internists, OBGYNs). Each acknowledged that if at all, they offered guidance with anecdotal information. There is a huge gap in knowledge/advice on the use of consumer products with non toxic ingredients for special skin or wellness needs.

    Credible sources like the EGW's SkinDeep, NIH (National Institute of Health) databases offer a starting guidance. But there is an explosion of products entering the US market with "organic" and "natural" labels, making it hard for any organization to keep up. With no government regulations on such labeling, consumers now have to fend for their own wellness goals.

    Swarna had grown passionate about a problem that was personal to her. Her professional experiences have included leading complex efforts on technology, process, data inefficiencies and compliance issues for global Fortune 500 corporations in consumer products and digital health. So she started The Clear Scoop, with a mission and an ambitious goal to help bring clarity with facts, research driven guidance to help make easier personal care decisions.

    The Clear Scoop is a small team of business, cosmetic chemistry, environmental health professionals, passionate about research driven guidance for ingredient information to those who need it most. Swarna is also a contributor to publications like Thrive Global. 

      *The Clear Scoop listed products are curated to be non toxic, suitable for anyone interested in products made conscientiously. But are specifically picked for those with vulnerable skin conditions. Products do not include any reporting use of EDCs (Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals).