The Clear Scoop difference

The Clear Scoop Curation

The Clear Scoop curates ingredients suitable for skin/health or wellness goals needs, making its curation information transparent to give each consumer the ability to make their best decision.

Each product page on The Clear Scoop has information on product ingredients, health and other relevant information from the world's most credible databases (please see below).

Our current curation covers the following. Additional references will be continue to be added as we cover more needs & conditions. 

Product Information

  • We choose products with strong benefits
  • Ingredients do not use EDCs, or other harmful chemicals. (In some cases we may "list" a product transparently, describing strong benefits even with exposure to a possibly hazardous chemical. This is only to enable our customers with the biggest challenges, to make their own informed choices)
  • As needed, and if available - Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
  • Other credible sources including NIH (National Institute of Health), Natural Medicine Journal etc.

Quality - Ratings, Certifications*

  • EWG Ratings - Ingredient health toxicity on a 1-10 scale. Lower is better. 
  • EWG Verified - US Certification of product ingredients
  • Research Papers - peer reviewed papers published in reputed science journals
  • CosIng - EU Cosmetics Ingredients database
  • ECOCert - Natural and Organic certification
  • Other certifications by product category - as established by a credible government or non profit agency
  • Comedogenic - ingredients or products that can clog pores promoting acne causing bacteria and skin blemishes. A problem for both men & women.


  • Customer Reviews
    • Amazon - as reviewed by Fakespot (verifies fake vs genuine reviews using its algorithm)
    • Others, if not available on Amazon.
  • Blogger/vlogger Reviews
    • Included with products from popular sources

Company Values & Practices

  • Socially responsible (vegan, animal cruelty etc)
  • Environmentally friendly (packaging, other business practices)

    Other criteria

    • Innovation
    • Awards etc