What's your mission?

Our mission is to help reduce exposure to known chemicals (synthetic and natural) in personal care products to help improve wellness goals for skin/health conditions and fertility, pregnancy. We do this by offering easy access to curated, trusted products with in-depth, transparent curation of ingredients.

Why can't I get the same information from other sites?

If you have a specific wellness goal or a health condition concern, it becomes important to find a product you can trust, quickly. 

Because of poor US chemicals regulation, and the exploding number of new brands with 'organic', 'natural' claims, there are now 400+ blogger sites & many more vloggers who are concerned citizens offering their opinions on sites & videos. There are multiple apps, databases that can help find products but require time to search & scan if you are in a store.

Shopping for even a skin care product can take hours of research, and still leave one unsure about the purchase. Searching for products to care for specific skin/health needs is another journey.  

The Clear Scoop is the only service of its kind, curating non toxic products for alternative/non-toxic care of specific skin/health conditions, and fertility-pregnancy needs. Our service takes on the hard work of scouting products, mining large databases of information sources to find products with non toxic ingredients, and suitable for various skin-health conditions. 

Why aren't you a non profit?

We believe in having the heart of a non profit and the brains, arms & legs of a for profit organization. Being a for profit organization helps us stay focused on making a difference to our users' lives to grow and raise capital quickly, and plan for a larger scale impact. With more resources we can compete effectively with those who flood the market with products that can affect our society's well being. We believe our practical business approach can improve our chances to achieve our social mission.

Are you physicians or experts in product formulations, or toxicology?

No. We are a technology based aggregating service for alternative care. Like a Bloomberg service, but for personal care, to support care of health conditions & wellness goals. We do not offer medical advice and are not a substitute for talking to your doctor. We are however working with healthcare practitioners to bring to them, and to you full value of The Clear Scoop so you can have productive discussions.

What is the Return policy for products bought on your site?

Each product has a Return Policy tab. Unless mentioned otherwise, shipping return cost is your responsibility. 

What are the Shipping terms for purchases on your site?

Products purchased on this site come with FREE shipping! We ship orders only within the US.

Products are typically shipped within 1-3 business days of placing the order, and expected to be delivered within 7-10 business days of placing the order. All products are ground shipped.

Why do some of your products point to other sites?

Our goal first & foremost is to help our users discover non toxic products suitable for their needs. We aim to solve the pain of research and trust by offering easier access. If we cannot carry the products on our site, we point to Amazon since most users find shopping that convenient.  

How do you make money?

Our sources can be product commissions through direct or affiliate* sales. But this revenue source is neither our goal, nor will it help us offer this service sustainably. We will continue to explore how we can improve and be of value to your personal care needs.

In the future, we may partner with appropriate professionals and organizations who are helping the same consumers we serve, to offer game changing services. We will also rely on the support of forward-thinking investors and generous community members to grow. 

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