Our Social Impact

We believe one person, one action, one day at a time can help improve our personal, and collective environment for better wellness

Your impact for yourself, your loved ones:

"Clean" products are those made with desired benefits, but avoiding the use of harmful chemicals. But even naturally forming chemicals can be harmful to those highly sensitive, allergic or with health conditions. Buying 'clean' products, curated for your needs, can help reduce health risks by avoiding unnecessary exposures.  

Our joint impact to society:

The Clear Scoop is excited to partner with Finding the Fabulous, a growing organization out of the tri-state area.

Finding the Fabulous is a nonprofit with a mission to inspire the next generation of female role models to lead with confidence, compassion and creativity. Their programs serve girls from ages 5 - 25 years old, helping them navigate core challenges like fear of failure and the pressure to be perfect. Among others, their programs include an 'Inner beauty in a bag' offer.


Inner Beauty in a Bag program operates through a "get one, give generously" model. For every Inner Beauty Tote Bag that is purchased, a bag of arts/education and beauty products are delivered to a woman or girl in a safe house, shelter or foster home.