DreamPutty - 1.6Oz bottle


        1. There is nothing worse for skin health than stress and poor sleep. Using aromatherapy principles, this lotion features magnesium oil and a blend of essential oils with natural medicinal benefits. The ingredient’s natural properties help reduce stress and maximize relaxation before bedtime for healthier sleep, and hence skin. While leaving the skin soft.
        2. Magnesium is present in every organ in our body! It is a natural muscle relaxant. It‘s natural benefit is known to reduce stress, which can help reduce stress related acne or rosacea.
        3. Per Dr Axe – “Magnesium, despite being available in many dietary sources, is not best absorbed orally”. No wonder magnesium’s health & wellness benefits were recognized in ancient times via topical therapies like mineral baths, mud packs and herbal compresses to reduce stress, and help improve sleep.
        1. Always use a patch test if you suspect you’re sensitive to a particular oil. Below are generalized pointers.
        1. EWG Skindeep (Ingredient toxicity, on 1-10 scale. Lower is better) – 1
        2. Comedogenic Ratings (for acne, Lower is better) – Each essential oil in the blend is 0-1; Coconut Oil – 4; Sunflower seed oil – 0;
        3. Customer reviews (SimplyOwl Etsy site, higher is better) – 736 reviews, all 5 rated.
        4. < b>Customer Review”This is my third order of Jeri's magnesium Dreamputty. I've tried many others and like this the best by far. It absorbs into my skin a lot faster than most and doesn't leave that heavy stickiness.”
          1. Social Responsibility
          2. Ethical Sourcing: “All our products are formulated to be in accordance with current safety standards. This business reports following the guidelines based on FDA recommendations. Their essential oils and blends are purchased from reputable companies, formulated by experts, and our products are lab tested for quality assurance.”
            1. Magnesium oil
            2. coconut oil
            3. sunflower seed oil
            4. beeswax
            5. phytomulse (naturally derived cetearyl alcohol & glyceryl stearate & coceth-20)
            6. Essential Oil Blend
            7. Orange oil
            8. Juniper oil
            9. Coriander oil
            10. Tansy (blue) oil
            11. Rose absolute oil
            12. naturally derived preservative ECO* (benzyl alcohol, salicylic acid, glycerin, sorbic acid). *<1% per EU Cosmetic regulation guidelines.


* This product description contains general information about medical conditions and treatments.  The information is not advice, and should not be treated as such. It is provided to you as available information about this product. You must not rely on the information on this website as an alternative to medical advice from your doctor or other professional healthcare provider. All natural does not mean there cannot be any allergic reactions to your body/skin.

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